KBC V: Fabulous hat edition


For the past four years, some bloggy friends and I have been getting together to hang out, eat good food, drink good drinks, chat, knit, and do other assorted crafts. It’s undoubtedly one of the highlights of my year and I still can’t quite believe I lucked into having these amazing ladies as friends. If you have a free weekend, I highly recommend organizing something similar yourself. Just make sure to buy slightly more wine and cheese than you think you’ll need. And lots of bacon. And bug spray because oh dear god the mosquitoes.

We swapped hats this year (in the past we did cowls and mittens) and I got to knit a hat for the lovely Nova. Aside from being a smart lady, fantastic mom, and possessor of the best drunk laugh ever, Nova has also been doing a tiny bit of profession-mentoring for me as I’ve gone back for a second master’s degree and am joining the same field she works in. She even let me follow her around a conference when I’m sure she had better things to do than babysit the nervous new kid. In short, she deserves a lot more than a hat.

Cecily in Brooks Farm Acero

Pattern: Cecily by Knitting School Dropout
Ravelry project page
Yarn: Brooks Farm Acero

This is a very pleasing, easy little knit with just the right amount of slouch. And bonus: it looks great sitting atop Nova’s curls.

Cecily in Brooks Farm Acero

The yarn was meh. I love heathered yarn, so the color was right up my alley, but it was so splitty that I’m not sure I’d knit with it again. I made a scarf with the same yarn a few years ago (I was knitting it at KBC III, actually) and noted some splittiness in the Rav project notes. So yeah, I think this is my last time working with this yarn.

And of course, a swap means that everyone goes home with a prize. One Ms Caro Splityarn knit me a super cute, slouchy purple hat that is exactly what I wanted. It’ll be in heavy rotation this winter.

Slable for Specs
(Photo by Caro, who makes everything look gorgeous.)

I had a lovely time, ladies. Let’s do it again soon.



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5 responses to “KBC V: Fabulous hat edition

  1. yes please to doing it again soon. it’s always a blast!

  2. Monkey

    Do it again! Do it again! /drusilla

  3. Ashley

    Crap, that was me with my junk mail addy.

  4. I want to make ALL THE HATS!

  5. Love Nova’s impish grin and your hat by Caro is gorgeous. Such talent all around!

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