I used to be a completely project-monogamous knitter. But somewhere in the last few years, I started having multiple projects on the needles at once. For the record, I blame Ravelry and the ease of access to a bajillion patterns that I MUST KNIT RIGHT NOW.

But I miss the satisfaction of working through a project, start to finish, all in one go. And I miss finishing something every month. Maybe my timing is just really off right now, but all of my projects are going to end up being done around the same time. As a project, not a process knitter, this bugs me. (Who are the process knitters, anyway? I’m not convinced they exist.) I need a finished object every month or so to keep this from getting boring.

But anyway, here’s what I have going on right now:

Aidez in progress

Aidez in Berocco Peruvia Quick
Everyone who knits this comments on what a quick project it is. I’m sure it would be quick for me, too, if only I wasn’t knitting one or two other things as well. And if I had more time to knit. I’m a little worried it’ll be too stiff to wear comfortably, but hopefully use and washing will help that.

WIP: Celes

Celes in Bristol Yarn Gallery Buckingham.
This yarn is SO nice. 80% alpaca, 20% silk. Hoping to finish this just time to wear it in the 40-60 F temperature weather.

kilt hose

John Anderson’s Kilt Hose in Ella Rae Amity
Ugh. These socks. Lots of knitting, lots of cabling with tiny needles and thick yarn. But I can’t turn down anyone who a) specifically asks for knitting; b) appreciates it; and c) is related to me. I even ripped and reknit the ENTIRE LEG after I just couldn’t deal with how crappy the increases looked. Seriously, they were hideous.

toe-up charades

Toe-up Charades in Aslan Trends Santa Fe
Not much to add to that. Not finished because they’re toe-up and I’m not familiar enough with those to knit this without some guidance. So they’re not great car knitting.


Special Gloves in Plymouth Encore worsted
Of course as soon as I start gloves for R, the weather warms up. I should also note that these involve SCIENCE and thus I am very excited about them.



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2 responses to “WIPs

  1. I have a lot to say/ask:
    -is the John Anderson of those hose in any way related to the lead singer of Yes? (*please say yes*)

    -you are knitting GLOVES. Those are fiddly and HARD.

    -your stitch definition on Aidez is out of this world perfect. I stopped knitting on mine because I muffed up the pattern several times.

    -thank you for showing me Celes–I hadn’t seen that one before.

    Personally I like to have different types of projects on the go–>car knitting, pay-attention chart knitting and then a long haul project. All of yours are really lovely btw:)

  2. I LOVE the color of those charades. LOVE.

    And yes I also have different projects for different occasions. Most notably there is knitting that requires a brain and knitting that does not require a brain. I seem to spend more time on the latter…

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