And back again.



I just finished the back of Aidez, which I am going to have to block the living hell out of if this piece is any indication. I didn’t do a gauge swatch because I figured it was such a quick knit that I’d know soon enough whether or not things were going awry. (Like hats! Hats are basically big, round gauge swatches in and of themselves.) The problem with that plan is that for it to work, you must actually check your gauge at some point.

So, severe blocking it is then!

(I’m making this entirely because of Christy’s version, which is gorgeous and doesn’t look at all stiff and chunky. Mine is suspiciously stiff at this point, so that’s all the more reason to do some serious blocking.)



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9 responses to “And back again.

  1. hooray for blogging again! that Aidez will be beautiful.

  2. It’s going to be gorgeous! Love that grey. I’m sure it will relax a bunch with blocking, so it shouldn’t be too tight. Besides, a little negative ease isn’t always a bad thing.

  3. Ashley

    Aw, hi. I mean, not that I don’t see you on the regular, but still.

  4. Yay Specs is back! I’m quite pleased.

  5. hooray another website where we can talk! and swear! (re: the goddammit.) 🙂 I can’t wait to see your finished aidez.

  6. ChristyNotHip

    so exciting! maybe I should blog again…
    Also, I wet blocked the hell out of my Aidez (after an initial agressive steam block). So, yes, with this sweater blocking is the key.

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